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Care without unnecessarily burdening the climate


Care without unnecessarily damaging the climate.

8% of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands comes from by the healthcare sector. Oral care also contributes to pollution and the use of raw materials, that are not easy to get. Dental Practice Diemen-Zuid makes conscious choices to minimize the impact on the environment. We want to provide care without unnecessarily damaging the climate. That is why our energy consumption was taken into account during the construction of the practice, we are busy making processes more sustainable and limiting our waste.

What do we contribute to a sustainable society?


  • Dental Practice Diemen-Zuid is connected to the Diemen heat grid. This is rest-heat from data centers and power plants. We use this heat to give warmth to the practice during the winter months.
  • We have heat pump air conditioners with which we keep the practice cool during the summer months.
  • The whole practice is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • We filter the used water from the treatments to take out all polluting materials.
  • We use as few disposable products as possible.
  • We separate our waste where possible.
  • We deal efficiently with the use of water and energy.
  • We use digital opportunities as much as possible to avoid paper consumption.
  • We make conscious choices for 'green' dental materials with a reduced impact on the environment. Of course we do this while we keep up our standards of quality care.



You too, can make conscious choices.

Recent research shows that traveling to the dental practice results in the most CO2 emissions. You can therefore also do your bit by coming to the practice by bike or on foot.