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Periodic check-up

Periodic check-up

At Tandartspraktijk Diemen-Zuid, basically every set of teeth is checked two times a year. Then we check the mucous membranes (“slijmvliezen”) of the cheek, tongue and floor of the mouth, the state of the jawbone and gums, but of course also the state of the teeth and molars.


During this visit we will discuss the daily oral care with you. If necessary, we take action to improve oral hygiene, so that your teeth and mouth remain healthy. A small amount of tartar is removed immediately during the check-up. If extra care is required, we will send you to our prevention assistants. In case of a serious gum disease (periodontitis), you will be sent to one of our dental hygienists.

Dental problems

If problems are found in your teeth, the dentist will discuss with you if extra treatment is necessary. We are happy to discuss and plan minor treatments with you directly, for bigger treatments we will inform you about the alternatives and costs. 

If you agree, we will carry out this treatment. This can generally be done within a few weeks. Treatments take place by appointment only.


Depending on the situation, X-rays (bite-wings) are taken. The frequency depends on the condition of your teeth. If you have special problems and/or a bigger treatment plan, a so-called panoramic jaw photo can be made. This is an X-ray showing the whole jaw and teeth.