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Dental hygienist Diemen-zuid

A good dental hygienist is very important for the health of your teeth and gums. By paying sufficient attention to your oral hygiene, you can prevent many dental problems.

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What does the dental hygienist do?

The dental hygienist takes care to keep or bring back the good condition of your mouth and oral hygiene. During an appointment with the dental hygienist at Dental Practice Diemen-Zuid, your teeth and gums will be carefully examined during an oral examination. We take a look at the state of the teeth, molars and gums, including oral health. Together we look at how often you should visit us depending on your specific situation and what your wishes are. Depending on oral health, the dental hygienist may perform the following treatments:

  • Information on oral care, with brushing instructions and information on how to best take care of your teeth.
  • Preventive dental cleaning (removing plaque, tartar and deposits).
  • Carrying out periodontal treatments (a deeper cleaning of, amongst other things, the roots) see also inflamed gums.

Why go to the dental hygienist?

Poor oral hygiene can even lead to an increased risk of, amongst other things, diabetes, pneumonia, a heart attack and stroke and other brain disorders.

Poor oral hygiene lets bacteria run free and can lead to gum disease. Bacteria can lead to damage in the body. Therefore, always  make sure that your oral hygiene is good. A regular visit to the dental hygienist contributes to healthy teeth and good general health.

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