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Dental plaque

Dental plaque

Dental plaque is a soft and sticky, not easily visible layer of saliva proteins, food remnants and bacterial mass (biofilm) on the teeth and molars. Dental plaque must be removed every day to prevent problems in the mouth.

Dental plaque as a reason for oral problems

The bacteria in the plaque are the most common reason for problems with your mouth and teeth, such as:

  •  Inflamed/bleeding gums (gingivitis/periodontitis)
  • Cavities (caries/holes)
  • Bad breath (halitosis)

Dental plaque is very difficult to see.

Dental plaque is difficult to see because it has the same whitish colour as the teeth. If there is a lot of plaque, it can be scraped off the tooth surface with a nail.

Finding plaque with dental plaque detector

Dental plaque can be made visible by using a special colouring liquid or tablets (plaque indicator). This can help to find and show places that need more attention. These tablets are for sale at the better drugstore or pharmacy.

Tartar from dental plaque

If plaque remains on the tooth surface for a long time, it can calcify and become very hard. Then it has turned into tartar. Tartar can no longer be removed by brushing well. Once tartar has formed, it should be professionally removed by a dental hygienist or prevention assistant.