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Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth

When changing, the permanent tooth or molar pushes against the root of the milk tooth or molar. The root of the baby tooth slowly disappears and, as a result, the milk tooth or molar finally falls out (easily).

Most cavities/holes occur between the ages of 4 and 21. To prevent this, good oral hygiene is essential. That is why it is important to teach a child good habits at a young age. You will also notice that our practice pays a lot of attention to oral hygiene in this age group. You will be asked about brushing and feeding, and instructions and feeding advice will be given if necessary.

The average breakthrough time of a milk set


Around the age of five to six , regularly check the mouth to see if the permanent molars are coming through (they come through behind the milk molars). Then start brushing these molars right away!