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Bad breath

Bad breath

Bad breath is not only very annoying for you, but also for those around you. You are not always aware of your bad breath. Moreover, it is quite a taboo and can make you very insecure. Bad breath is usually caused by gum disease or bacteria on your tongue. Usually due to poor oral hygiene. But smelly breath can also indicate other health problems!

Everyone has bad breath sometimes. For example, after eating garlic, onion or spicy food or when getting up. When you sleep, your saliva production is lower, which causes your mouth to dry out and smell. However, smelly breath can have many more causes:

Gingivitis (or periodontal disease) due to poor oral hygiene. For example, due to incorrect or insufficient brushing, or because despite brushing, bacteria remain between the teeth and on the tongue.

Smoking or alcohol consumption.
A problem in the nose or throat such as a sinus infection or polyp. A visit to an ENT doctor is then necessary.