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Dental cleaning

Clean and healthy teeth are very important for your health. By paying sufficient attention to your oral hygiene, you can prevent many dental problems.


Prevent dental problems

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, dental cleanings from our dental hygienist or prevention assistant are planned for you. It cleans your teeth so that they are completely free of tartar and forming of plaque. Afterwards, if necessary, you will get advice on how best to brush and clean between the molars to maintain your oral health, together with a radiant smile.

For most people, this planned dental cleaning will do . In some cases there is a serious inflammation of the gums. In that case, your oral health can only be brought back by a treatment from the dental hygienist. For more information, see dental hygienist.

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What is a prevention assistant?

The work of a prevention assistant is preventing oral and dental problems such as holes in your teeth and inflammations. The goal is to prevent problems and inflammation of the teeth. The prevention assistant cleans the teeth and gives advice on oral hygiene.

The prevention assistant’s  work is not the same as the dental check-up by your dentist. Many people first go to the prevention assistant and combine this with the check-up appointment with the dentist. If the teeth are clean, the dentist can have a better look at the teeth. So, a visit to both the prevention assistant and the dentist gives you a complete cleaning and better control that keeps the mouth healthy.

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